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Recent content by Ronin

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    Championship Manager 2006

    I see the CM2006 gold demo is available and the game itself set for release on 31/03/06. Has anyone played the demo or is anyone going to bother buying the game?
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    The American Eddies

    I was just wondering if anyone has signed either of the two American Eddies i.e. Gaven & Johnson? I'm interested in securing at least one of them for my Ajax side, probably Gaven, and would like to know if they're any good.
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    Should Sir Alex stay on at Man Utd or should he go in the summer?

    The debate that has raged on for the last two or three seasons shows no sign of abaiting despite Sunday's Carling Cup success. Is Fergie still up to the task of leading the worlds biggest club? Sunday saw United win their first trophy in two years, but can a season in which they finished bottom...