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Recent content by rpashley

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    AI Substitutions

    I am noticing that a lot of AI manged teams make half time subs anybody else came across this? I’m thinking it could be a bug.
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    Player Morale

    I need some help and advice regarding player morale, I am managing Villa at the moment but most of my big name players (Young, Carew, Laursen and Friedel all have low morale. I have set the win bonus to high but only my weaker players are happy. I have not scored a goal for 3 games and the...
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    Citroen C5 Advert: Unmistakably German…

    Have any of you seen the new TV ad for the Citroen C5? If so have you spotted any deliberate mistakes? I have spotted 2.
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    England v France

    How did you guys see England's performance last night? I thought up until the penalty England controlled the game but lacked creativity and we did not have any genuine pace. Defensively looked solid in the first half even though Anelka was a real threat. Second half was poor and Anelka gave...
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    Holtenders in the Sky (Aston Villa Story)

    This is my story of managing my beloved Aston Villa in FM 2008, this is “Holt Enders in the Sky. I decided to start the season with the squad I inherited, I knew the areas that I needed strengthen and decided to do some in depth scouting to make sure I could make the right purchases in January...
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    Blimey, Captain

    Hello fellow FM freaks, My name is Rob and a big Villa fan and have been hooked on the CM/FM series since the early 90's. FM and Villa are not my only passions though I am into Only Fools and Horses big time I have seen every episode 100 times over reckon if I ever went on Mastermind that...