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    Thanks, Crayth. It's really good to be back playing FM and interacting with this community.
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    Hello there! This is SaintSinner. I have been part of this wonderful community during the late half of the 2010's. Due to personal commitments, I have been away from the FM and FM base altogether. Now after a gap of almost a decade, I am back into Football Manager. I see many things have changed...
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    Is "El Clasico" over-rated?

    Last Monday, we saw how Barcelona are much superior team than Real Madrid. They thrashed Madrid 5-0 in front of packed Camp Nou. The goals they scored were not flukes, they were mastery of creativity and skills that Barcelona possess. Real Madrid were unbeaten under Mourinho before this match...
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    Win Fifa 2010 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

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    Double Spelling Error

    Hey Sean, There is a double spelling error at the bottom of the page. Site designed and maintained by by Sean Taylor
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    Benitez should really leave now

    Liverpool started the season with high hopes, building on the form they had at the end of last season. But sadly, Liverpool has fallen from grace; despite performing poor at premier league, they were positive on succesful champions league. Unfortunately, they failed to get pass the group stage...
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    New & Improved* Wenger would be proud

    My last story did not go as I expected, sold too many good players and youngsters were not able to cope with the situation. So I had started a new game but same ambition. And I made myself really proud. brought yohan gourcuff for 23m, was a instant hit for the team. amazing player. i also...
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    Henry's version of Hand of God

    William Gallas scored a goal against Ireland and made the game 2-1 aggregate in favour of France. But Henry handled the ball in the build-up which ref did not see. Republic of Ireland are calling for replay, but FIFA ruled out the appeal. Is Ireland just bitter or have they been cheated?
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    Sweeper Goalkeeper?

    I have set my goalkeeper to sweeper goalkeeper. has anyone else tried this? Its good in one-on-one situation as goalkeeper will come forward to close in on the player. but sometimes it backfires.
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    "How did this happen?" Thread

    I am currently at Arsenal, with a young squad. And last season despite all my efforts I finished 3rd, sadly 13 points behind the leader. It was not Manchester United nor Chelsea, the league was won by Everton. I kept wondering how did this happen? So wanted to know if any of you had similar...
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    Diego Benaglio

    Finding a good goalkeeper is the hardest thing to do in FM10. even if you are mancity, you cant get iker casillas or buffon for instance. they wont just play for you. So far i think that the best goalkeeper you can have is Diego Benaglio, you can start him at the first team from the get-go. You...
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    The next Scotland manager?

    George Burley has been sacked by the FA following two defeats in Japan and Wales. Burley had a dismal record of 3 wins out of 14 games in charge. Scotland's performance at the qualifiers was awful and still he was given the vote of confidence. Now they have finally decided to get rid of him...
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    Arsene Wenger would be proud of this squad

    I am trying to manage on the footsteps of Arsene Wenger, have been able to assemble a squad of super young players. Last season we had a barren season, reached the FA Cup but lost 2-1 to Aston Villa. This season we are scoring goals, but again lost 5-3 against Man City at Eastlands. Was a...
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    Longest unbeaten run?

    Yesterday i lost against Stoke City at Emirates Stadium after drawing Man Utd and winning against Chelsea. I was on a roll for 18 games, and this annoying loss occured. So was wondering how long have you gone unbeaten in FM 10. it seems pretty hard to strech your unbeaten run in FM 10.
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    Is it just me?

    I sometime simulate the first season, after returning from the holiday, i resume my role as manager. this gives an outlook of the team and how they perform. which players can play and who should be shown the door. and most importantly, you could see change in stats for many players. if you see a...