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    typing issues

    Hi guys, does anyone know why I'm having issues with letters I type on my keyboard not always showing up? I'd say it happens with about a quarter of the times I press a key on my keyboard and seems to be effecting keys at random as it doesn't happen everytime I hit a certain key or only on a...
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    The San Marino Triple – Dreaming The Impossible Dream.

    This year I have decided to partake in the San Marino Challenge and not being one for doing things half-heartedly I decided to make it a Triple challenge by activating the Campionato Sammarinese. For this tricky task I realised I would need more then one manager, and to make things slightly...
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    Campionato Sammarinese

    after being inspired to start the san marino challenge, found here:http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/challenges-scenarios/85095-great-san-marino-challenge.html i decided to create the san marinese league. Before i go any further i need to say a massive thank you to Kandersson for helping me with...
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    italy under 21 serie b team

    http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/17032011/58/serie-italy-considering-youth-team-serie-b.html has anyone else seen this, it seems like they are going to put a national under21 club side into their second tier sort of like how the spanish b teams work but more similar to an idea that we've already...
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    World Rankings

    what is the weirdest world rankings you have seen on your copies of fm? as you can see from my screenshots alot of nations aren't where you'd necessarily expect to find them and i'm only just starting my 4th season. just incase anyone's wondering they are all from the same game it's just i...
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    extended swiss leagues

    in this database i have extended the swiss league from 3 tiers to 5 and to do that i have had to activate the 4th tier and then create the 5th tier and most of the teams in it. if you find any errors witht he database please feel free to post them so that i can fix them although it seemed to...
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    formula 1

    a) does anyone else watch it b) if you do which team do you support and c) what's your verdict on the webber vettel crash.