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    Help getting more from my AMC

    Hi, I'm playing as Aston Villa in a network game with a friend and we're up to 2020. I'm just at the stage now where I have a squad capable of winning the Premier League and Champions League. Last summer I spent £58m on a new AMC and £83m on a new ST, both are regens and both have...
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    This tactic needs a thread...

    AV.4-5-1 The Exorcist V.4 by Sir.Noom Angthong - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats Apologies if Im not supposed to make a thread for someone elses tactic but I searched and I couldnt find one, and wanted to see if anyone else had had success with this. Im 14 games...
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    There's only one ball...

    "What I learnt here, everything starts with the ball and finish with the ball. Sometimes we forget that this is a game with 11 v 11, WITH ONE BALL, and we try to keep this ball, we try to play with the ball, we try to make everything with the ball" - Pep Guardiola The Origin I, like many...
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    I have a vision, but it just wont work!

    I started a save with Liverpool, I trawled this forum for all the best tiki-taka or possession based tactics and decided I would take things really slow and try to develop a successful team playing in a style I enjoy. The vision initially was to bring Muniain, Rodrigo, Alcantara and Isco all...
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    Biggest club in the world, but cant get a new stadium...

    Im in my 12th season on my Villa save. Dominated world football for the last 5 years, I have had 2 stadium expansions before I started to win everything, my capacity is 55,000, top facilities and youth etc. I have £160m in the bank, I have £220m turnover, I sell out practically every match, but...
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    Why do I never get asked for pitch size?

    I thought this had been removed from the game as I never get asked for it in this years game but apparantly I should still be asked. Anyone got any ideas how I can turn it back on?
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    EPL euro qualification

    End of 2015/16 season, only 3 CL qualifiers in EPL? Even though its still ranked as #1 league in world and why did I not qualify for Europa?
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    Maxym Koval

    What is happening to Maxym Koval? I signed him for £10m 3 seasons ago, hes been my number 1 ever since. All scouts put him as 5* potential, but now for some reason his value has dropped to £1.7mil, all his attributes are dropping, my *** Man has dropped his current ability from 4* to 2.5* but...
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    Whats the best false 9 tactic?

    Really want to make a squad based around a false 9 front 3, (AMR/AMC/AML) with Trequartista and 2 inside forwards, but the one I was using isnt consistent. Anyone know any other decent ones?
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    Shelvey... AMC Trequartista potential?

    Hes just been listed for transfer towards the end of first season on my Villa save, Im wondering if he will ever have what it takes to play as a Treq for a top 4 club?
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    Ball playing right sided defender needed

    As in title, need a class right footed BPD.
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    Who of these STs can play AMC Trequartista?

    I have a squad built around a 442 but its struggling away from home and Im trying to use a new system without a striker, but 2 inside forwards and a trequartista. I have... Destro Ademilson Benzia Niang Bakkali(hes out on loan and not ready for 1st team yet) Benteke If none of these are...
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    Malono Gabbiadini

    This guy is infuriating me, I have him as ST in a 442 as AF, with Destro as CF. He keeps missing sitters and its driving me insane, is his best position at ST?
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    Aston Villa... Who to keep?

    So weve got a lot of relatively unknown young players. Im 7 months into a save and Im unsure of who to sell and who to keep. Usually I would fire sell everyone and just rebuild, but this time Im doing things slowly, and I want to give a chance to anyone who might turn out to be good enough to...