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Recent content by scousemousecol

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    TNS save

    Guys if you want to take this save over, please let me know how to upload.
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    Hi as you might know I am the guy who has the "They'll be dancing on the streets of TNS" thread. However a MOD (or "superMOD" as his title suggests he is) has decided it is in the wrong place, which is fair point and one I shall not argue with, but that thread has been here for 4 MONTHS (to the...
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    Question for the Mods

    Is there any chance of there being a sticky, in which there is a list of "good" players with there positions and the Lowest and highest divisions they will play in? Instead of every other thread being people asking for advice?
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    We all live in the randy Brandywell

    Right guys im back with another save lets hope this one goes a bit further! So all UK leagues loaded large DB starting the game in July 2010 a quick look at the Irish 1st division saw that league favorites Derry City were cut adrift of the promotion race with 15 games to go. So I took them over...
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    They'll be dancing in the streets of TNS tonight

    Without screenshots so most of you will not read/like this! TNS Basically the best team in Wales, but this isn’t about the short term this is a long term project to challenge the super powers of Europe. This wont be a blow by blow account of my game or a story based post, mearly an...
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    Not LLM

    In these threads you guys are talking about managing lower league teams but you are not doing LLM which is managing a team with as much realism as possible which includes not asking for tips using genie scout/FMRTE, only using your scouts/coaches to find players and starting in the lowest...