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    The Steel of Britain (and Ireland)

    The British Steel Challenge It's been a while since I previous posted a proper long-term career on here since my "Building a Nation: Northern Ireland" abruptly came to an end due to laptop issues which unfortunately couldn't be addressed - which was a shame as I was 22 seasons into the career...
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    Building a Nation: Northern Ireland

    Building a Nation: Northern Ireland Unfortunately because I had the same issues at @[Dan] and @[tongey] my attempt to not only conquer Europe but the entire World has had to end and that's a **** shame as I was thoroughly enjoying it and had just completed an excellent season at Dundalk...
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    On a quest to be the best (Take II)

    Hello all and welcome to what I hope will be my one and only Football Manager 2017 career as I attempt to once and for all conquer Europe and then, eventually, the World and I'll try not to stop until it's conquered. When I last attempted this on Football Manager 2015 which you can see HERE I...
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    On a quest to be the best (Take II)

    Posted in the wrong section. Career can be deleted.
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    Shedender's Journeyman Career

    After much consideration I've decided to finally start a career on these forums but I didn't know what type of career to actually do, I gave myself two options 1 build up a nation or 2 do a Journeyman type career which I've done before and was quite enjoyable. I've decided to do a Journeyman...