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Recent content by shootie

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    Can a mod look in here please

    In the stories section I have a story called "Start unemployed...Finish legend current team: UD marbella". I was wondering if a mod could take off the "Current team: UD Marbella" Thanks in advance.
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    Start unemployed...Finish legend!

    Thing is, after my Racing save wouldnt load I had no idea who to manage at all. Flicking around various teams I didnt really fancy them. So I decided to take the plunge and start unemployed. working my way up the leagues. Im using the OP as a sort of index page. So ill update it when ive signed...
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    Racing our way to the top of Spain

    Hey people, In some of my previous stories Ive used teams such as Fiorentina and Ajax. Both were pretty big teams in their respective league. Now to prove myself I am going to do a Racing one. Ive always followed Racing in the Spanish league and I had a pretty enjoyable game with them on FM 08...
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    Mahatma Otoo | Future Ghanian superstar?

    I found this player while on a tactic testing game with Man City. Was looking for a young back up for Tevez in his DLF role. Plays for Hearts of Oak in the Ghanian league Just to prove that I searched for him but couldnt find him Now here is the screenshot of him in my game atm. Tried to...
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    Bringing back Total Football

    I know there is already a active Ajax story on here, but this isnt a Ajax story. Its more of a career story as I plan to stay at Ajax for a minimum of 5 seasons and move on. Doing the Ajax challenge also. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AFC_Ajax http://english.ajax.nl/ Currently at the start of...
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    shootie's Tactics

    Hey all, I havent really uploaded alot of tactics so bear with me here. But Ive decided to see, more a experiment than anything else, as to how my tactics do with other people. Ill post and upload more as I get it. I consider these Plug and Play tactics. Although playing 1 tactic every game is...
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    "This image has been resized"

    Hey, Im trying to post a article for my story, but when ive uploaded it and put it on it has a rather annoying little message on the top of it saying it has been resized. Is there anyway to take this off? I wouldnt mind but when I click it the message the picture is only a tiny bit bigger...
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    The Art of Football - Made in Florence

    The Art of Football - Now being Perfected Just for the record I started writing reports etc for this story mid-way through the 2009/2010 season, to look for the latest update look to the later pages :D. The writing below was written September game time. Pre-season 2011/2012 Comments: Season...
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    How to counter a 4-3-1-2?

    In my Fiorentina game and others Ive always struggled against a 4-3-1-2 (MC-MC-MC-AM-ST-ST). I have struggled against this tactic alot vs other teams aswell playing different wide and narrow tactics. Has anyone got any advice on how to counter this? Any advice on how to counter a narrow...