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    From wonderkid to superkid!

    This will be a little bit different kind of Scenario. In this Scenario i gonna make YOU a wonder-kid. I gonna create 8 wonder-kids (that you guys gonna help me create). That gonna start their career in Portsmouth FC in Npower league 1. I'm going to sim through many seasons and follow each career...
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    PL Network game

    Hello im gonna start a network game. if you want to join just add a comment when we got some ppl i start a hamachi serv and i give the id and pass in this box you can now begin to join the hamachi server id:oioio11 pass:oioio11
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    about ´Gervinho to arsenal rumour

    Hi there it talks about that lille striker Gervinho is in a discussion with Arsenal and i heard alot of him and he is good and all that but when i looked him up on yt i was not so impressed so i wonder if there are any ppl that watching liage 1 that may can tell m if Gervinho is any good:wub:
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    sibbes 4-1-3-2 high scoring tactic

    (11.3)Sibbes 4-1-3-2 high scoring (sorry for bad english) OI:nothing or leave to assistan manager team talk:assistan manager(if he dont say enything stupid) Player Requirements STCL:pace, FINISHING, left footed (preferably),heading, dribbling. STCR:finishing, long shots, strength, heading...
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    sibbes competition cup

    HI! this is a challange cup we need just 8 that wanna join and really try to win just write "im up" and i write you up in the thread when we are 8 i post who shall meet who and what they shall to and post screenshots on and i post a tim when i wanna have the screenshots ---------- Post added...
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    need a good tactic

    i playing with leeds in the prem and i for the most time i make my own tactics but it are going slow can someone post a tactic that are good for a bad team in a big league ---------- Post added at 01:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:59 AM ---------- HELP please ---------- Post added...
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    wiregn 4-1-3-2/4-4-2 11.2

    This tactic is not made by me it is made my friend and hes fm base name is wiregn and i just post it for him so here are some info about the tactic not so much but a little ask something and i ask my friend about it. Philosophy:balanced starting strategy:control passing style:more direct...
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    only me that dont like fm 11?

    i have played every fm game since fm 2004 and i just dont find this game as fun like the others is this only me?
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    what shall i do for you

    i gonna create a database but i dont know what to do come with some SUGGESTION please after you have posted what you want i tell you if i do it or not POST PLEASE
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    testing your tactics

    HI! Im going to start a new game with Aston Villa and i want YOU to send a link to your tactic and i will test the tactic in 5 league games and after that i will tell anybody how it goes :D and i will make a list that i going to post in the thread witch tactics i recomend most send in now...