Mar 6, 2010
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Im going to start a new game with Aston Villa and i want YOU to send a link to your tactic and i will test the tactic in 5 league games and after that i will tell anybody how it goes :D
and i will make a list that i going to post in the thread witch tactics i recomend most

send in now i wanna begin

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im going to lay out pictures of the games here :D
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three matches wont be enough time for the match preparation
ok coming with results today ........ i think

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okey tomorrow arfternoon

sorry for bad english
here is SamH Asymetric League Winning Tactic after 5 games

3 draws 2 lossXD my team played very good every match **** the other team got penaltys sorry for bad english im from sweden but here are the results and the tactic list after one tactic

1.SamH Asymetric League Winning Tactic
shall i test your tactic mvp

can you send link
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ok testing janiks tactic now andstueryrob after that
janek1s 5 games

2 win 1 draw 2 loss lost against bigger teams and win 4-0 my first game against blackburn!!!
Hi Sibbe,

Can you please test mine? Magneto.tac

IMPORTANT: OI's need to be used:

Strikers: Tight Marking, NO tackling instructions. Weaker foot if assistant sets it

AMC AMR and AML: Closing down, follow assistant tackling advice and shove on weaker foot.

MR and ML: Closing down, Tackling Hard and Shove on weaker foot.

Note: If playing against a team with only one striker and one AMC - Tight marking on the AMC also needed along with Tight marking on the striker.

Let me know how you get on please! :)
so the list with just two in it but

1.janek1s barca 11.2
2.SSamH Asymetric League Winning Tactia

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ok i test yours soon