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Recent content by simonfett

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    Has anybody signed the ex arsenal player for a prem team and how does he perform??
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    Breaking The Cycle

    Does anybody have any tatics to help me break my current difficulties iam going through. Have played fm since the orginal version and every game since then. Every now and then the game put u in a pattern where they dont want u to go up a league and win a divsion. The game stats at the end of a...
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    Hi all, just wondering if someone could shed some light on what tribunal means Was looking at a decent player from agrentina and noticed that bara and real where interested and the status was tribunal what does this mean in the circumstance game wise ? Thanks
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    Preffered moves

    Is there any way to know what moves they will accept to learn or is it pot luck?
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    Robbie findley

    looking at signing this player is he any good? stats seem ok but does he score goals?
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    Arturo Lupoli

    Was wondering if anybody has had this player in the english leagues esp the championship and how he performed?
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    Hi could anyone maybe give me an idea on how much it cost to buy your ground. I have a 9500 capcity ground which i need to buy so i can expand it i ask the board they say yes grt idea will start plans but evry time i lose out from luck of funds. This also happens when i try and imporve youth any...
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    Hi all Have dragged a team from the blue square and are now about to start the championship, from previous versions off the game i recall this being a ******* of a league to get out off, just wondering is this still the case and if anyone has some nice tips/tatcis to employ. Thans S
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    Apart from pa/ca what thinks should i be looking for in a good scout? I cant seem to fond any amazing players as off yet and would like to know areas i should send my scouts off 2. thanks simon
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    Lastest developments

    Hi guys was wondering if any would could help me with any recent changes to fm11 or any recent good tatical systems in set pieces. Have been away for 6 weeks on tour and have game between 3 mates and was looking to find out anything that could give me the edge over them. Thanks
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    English League 1

    Just about to start 1st season in league 1 after promotion from conference just wondering what to expect and if there any useful players out there for me to grab. Any help be very appreciated.