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    Liverpool - End of 2nd Season - What Now?

    I am on the verge of finishing my second season with Pool, very successful one indeed. Won everything and I'm almost on the CL final so this can be truly perfect, but I digress. GK: Reina and John Ruddy, bought Ruddy to be a trusyy backup and I'm thinking about selling Reina and bringing Fraser...
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    Crash dumps after new update

    I have been trying to start a game with Sparta Prague and I have constant crash dumps, I am using Pro's update alongside a separate editor file with changes regarding the team in question, any ideas? I also deleted the lnc files if that counts for anything of the sort!
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    Man U 2013/2014 season ins and outs.

    I am just on the verge of starting the 2013/2014 season, lots of cash from a complete winning season, but I feel a renovation is in store, I'm more concerned with the old timers since they have different responses as to staying in level or decreasing. So please do tell me about your opinion in...
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    4 games in 4 days?

    I have no idea if anyone else has encountered this, but it seems that with my PSG I have THREE Ligue 1 games in a row, the 22, 23, and 24 of April, and on the 26th I have the second leg of europa league semi finals with bayern. Here is a print of this madness!
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    Creating a single nationality team?

    Basically what I am aiming for is : Collecting a number of teams that would be good choices in order to build a squad with players of a single nationality. The three main nationalities I've been thinking of are : - All Italian Team (did it with Cagliari in FM2011, ended up winning CL in 2014)...
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    Ruben Pinto - The not so big danger.

    Hello to all peeps here, I have a big question that I can't seem to solve myself. :P I am currently training Benfica , I'm in 2012, I have players like Khedira, Anderson, Muller, Cardozo, Coentrão, among others. But ever since I promoted former youth player, 20 year old ruben pinto, a decent...
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    Striker Dilemma in Benfica!

    Hey, so here's the deal I am at 3rd season with Benfica with an excellent squad. I have the following 5 strikers: Cardozo Dzeko Lukaku Neymar Muniain As you can see, all of them are world class, and 4 of them can still improve quite a bit. The question is, I use a 4-1-1-2-2 consisting...
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    J- League facepack rearrangement.

    Well, i'll be short, I download the J-League, facepack, kits, logos, etc. My problem is that the facepack is incorrect, eg in clubs the pictures of staff and players are switched, between players also, and some faces that were meant to be for first team players (from division 2 teams) are in...