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Recent content by smogfart

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    Vincent Aboubakar - Valenciennes FC

    Name: Vincent Aboubakar Club: Valenciennes FC D.O.B: 22/1/1992 Nationality: Cameroon Position: Striker Strengths:Pace, Strength, Composure, Teamwork, balance, acceleration Weaknesses: Passing, crossing, influence, corners. Description: Striker Personality: Resolute Suggested Roles​ - Poacher
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    Ivan Bandalovski - CSKA (Sofia)

    Name: Ivan Bandalovski Club: CSKA (Sofia) D.O.B: 23/11/1986 Nationality: Bulgarian Position: Defender/ Wing back (R) Strengths:Aggression, tackling, marking, pace, work rate, acceleration, dribbling. Weaknesses: Finishing, crossing, long shots, free kick taking. Description: Full-back...
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    Scott Parker - I'm sure dad was looking down.

    ENGLAND hero Scott Parker was choked with emotion as he spoke about his finest performance in a Three Lions shirt. It was his fifth cap and came just eight days after the death of his father, Mick. The 30-year-old had insisted on playing for West Ham against Tottenham only hours after his...
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    Converting/tweaking a 10.3 tactic to an 11.3 tactic

    Hey guys, i am struggling on my current 11.3 save with man city at the moment (I know your thinking wow just play any tactic and it will work, well thats not the case because it doesnt) and i was wondering how i could tweak a tactic from the football manager 2010 10.3 patch to the new 11.3 patch...
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    Changes in match AI system

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, how over the previous patches (11.0 - 11.3), how has SI changed the matches AI system e.g fixes, changes in player decisions, postions etc etc. The thing is, im trying to use one of my tactics from the first patch and I was wondering how I can introduce it into...
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    My team keeps changing itself around?

    Ok say im playing with city, I have dzeko as my LS as an advanced forward and tevez and my RS as a poacher. My problem is, every few times a press the continue button and enter a match, the two of them switch round, any ideas on why its doing this?
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    Your wonderkid XI

    Continuation of the successful 'Wonderkid Team XI of Your Dreams' on last years Football Manager 2010 player forum. Sorry if I am wrong, but I searched and could not find anything like this on this years forum. I thought it it would be a good idea for you guys to post your wonderkid...
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    Is there any way to see the tactic downloads section from fm10?

    is there anyway to view 'download tactics' section, but from fm10? i know you can see tactical discussion from fm10, but im looking for the downloads, is there a way to find them? im looking for a tactic i used from there last year. thanks