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    BRAZIL 2002 (3421 with striker mainscorer)

    DOWNLOAD >>>> OIs: NO ANY Training (IMPORTANT): Home matches - Att. movement Away matches - pos. defensive Neutral matches - Att. movement This is an adaptation of the knap strikerless 3430 to get a striker striker rather than the tiresome and boring football with 3 striker shadows...
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    4-3-3 counter underdog (no strikerless formation)

    SUBVERSIVO Download -------------> Hello guys images talk more than text, so: NO OI's. Try n' give me a feedback :D
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    South' won 3 tournaments 1st season without transfer - Defense Wall n' Move on Attack

    Introduction Firstly, sorry for my bad english. My inspiration comes from Vinhtran's Crazy 433v. That magic tactic made me have goal scorers like I had never done in all my years of FM (I play since 2007). But she needed more. I needed stability, even if it cost me less goals. I often thrashed a...
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    SPFC 4-3-3 (41221)

    DOWNLOAD: FORMATION: INSTRUCTIONS: RECOMMENDATIONS 1) I leave the training to assistant. 2) Match training is what command. On the training screen, enter Teamwork. But before each game, on the assistant's report, move to: At home: Att. mov.. away: Defensive positioning 3) WITHOUT...