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Recent content by swfc107

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    editor help

    hi, after a recent patch the editor doesn't seem to work for me anymore, there's just the background photo and faded writing on the left, when i try to select the one which says file nothing happens, any solutions? thanks
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    hi, im in charge of sheff wed in league 1 and i am having trouble keeping my strikers consistent eg mellor will score a hat-trick then not score for 4/5 games. any help with tactics i can use to help them stay consistent thanks.
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    2010/11 league 1 network game

    If your bored of playing man utd and chelski then join this game. were using league 1 teams and using this 2010/11 transfer update http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=2847 the teams are bournemouth: brentford: toxicflame brighton: bristol rovers: carlisle united...
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    game now

    setting up a epl game now say if u want to join. hamachi: epl 2010 password: epl im wolves, stoke taken
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    winning run

    whats the best winning streak you've ever had? i've had a 15 streak then lost to scunthorpe after beating middlesborough and newcastle lol.
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    league 1

    hey, after a very poor world cup performance by england i have now turned my attention towards the new football league season. being a sheffield wednesday fan i was used too this disappointment but am strangely feeling optomistic about next season. I always knew league 1 wouldn't be easy but...
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    training calculator

    hi, just downloaded dan's training calculator but when i try to edit numbers it wont let me help please.
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    Fm09 game

    Hi, im starting a game on FM09 for a week, because im getting FM10 next weekend, anyone want a game? using championship teams need hamachi to play using 9.3.0 update post with what team you want
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    hi everyone im thinking of making a database for the 92/93 season after reading a thread which gave me the idea, anyway i chose this because it has a good wednesday team :D with the likes of chris waddle and david hirst ect, anyway i posted to see if anyone else was interested in downloading it...
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    starts at 10!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if you want to join a game now to play tonight join my championship game heres link http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=17163 JOIN!!!!!!
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    how do i insert screenshots?

    how do i insert screenshots into threads? when i try it comes up with enter URL, please help, im not very good with computers :P ---------- Post added at 04:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:57 PM ---------- anyone? HELP!
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    Football Video Clips

    hey, i thought there could be a thread where we can post a link of videos for our favorite vids so i made one. here you can post videos of great goals, horrible injurys, crowd videos of them singing or whatever you want!!!!! ---------- Post added at 01:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at...
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    Need players

    join my championship game because i need more players ---------- Post added at 03:11 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:02 AM ---------- join
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    join danny carters game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    join, starts TONIGHT AT 9PM SO HURRY UP
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    youth faces

    i've tried to make 1 but i dont know how to, so i was wandering if any of you could either make a youth facepack or explain in detail how to make them? thanks