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Recent content by TarrantinoUX

  1. TarrantinoUX

    Fast Food Database 1.0

    Welcome to something that was created out of boredom on Tuesday. I present to you the Uber Eats Fast Food League and the Just Eat Cup. This database contains the top 20 fast-food chains or restaurants in the UK as football clubs. The league and cup replace England within the game and allows you...
  2. TarrantinoUX

    Fast Food Database

    TarrantinoUX uploaded Fast Food Database Leave feedback below.
  3. TarrantinoUX

    London City FC - FM22

    LONDON CITY FC - FM22 Welcome to the London City FC database. The club have had a complete rebrand from when I created them on Football Manager 2021 and to be honest, I feel as if the club couldn't look any better! The database comes complete with logo and kits whilst there are over 85+...
  4. TarrantinoUX

    Ted Lasso - AFC Richmond Database

    AFC RICHMOND DATABASE 2.0 This database includes minor updates made over the 11th and 12 April 2022. Posted 7th Jan 2022 on OnTheBreak.net :- After hours upon hours on the Football Manager Editor we finally have the finished product. AFC Richmond has been introduced to Football Manager 2022...
  5. TarrantinoUX

    Diki-Daka - The new direct Tiki-Taka

    You've had Tiki-Taka, I now present you Diki-Daka. It's more direct, more fast-paced and it gets the best out of your front four. You'll need a powerful deep-lying forward and a pacey advanced forward to get the most benefit out of this as well as wingers with high pace, dribbling and crossing...
  6. TarrantinoUX

    Diki-Daka - The new direct Tiki-Taka

    TarrantinoUX uploaded Diki-Daka - The new direct Tiki-Taka Leave feedback below.
  7. TarrantinoUX

    The Manchester United Thread

    7 days off and that's the performance they give us. They actually still looked shattered with 25 mins to go.
  8. TarrantinoUX

    TheTarrantino Custom Logo Request Thread

    Folder attached with XML files. You'll need to fill in the Washington ID as it wasn't in the images you sent. Hope you like them.
  9. TarrantinoUX

    TheTarrantino Custom Logo Request Thread

    Sorry for the delay buddy. Logo above!
  10. TarrantinoUX

    TheTarrantino Custom Logo Request Thread

    Morning buddy, 20x20 attached.
  11. TarrantinoUX

    TheTarrantino Custom Logo Request Thread

    Here you go buddy, sorry for the delay.