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    Corner tactics

    I read somewhere that it's a good idea to change your corner tactic every now and then so that the AI doesn't get a handle on it. Would this be true and if so, would your team need time to "learn" the corner tactic for it to produce results?
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    Failure thread

    Can you guys post some failures....just so I know it's not just me! I just missed out on promotion to prem with Leyton Orient. Blew a 2
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    attribute threshold(special attention in opp inst)

    How high does an attribute have to be to warrent special attention in opposition instructions? Ex: What rating for pace would be high enough to think about standing off a striker and not tightly marking him for fear of being burnt by his pace? Same for creativity... should MC be closed down...
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    Leyton Orient

    I'm on the verge of taking the O's into the premiership (fingers crossed). So sad to see that in real life they could be a non-league outfit next season.
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    Fast striker (Brandy)

    Everyone knows about Febian Brandy and his killer pace. When i first signed him he was scoring for fun. He's still getting on the score sheet but not as much. . . What's the best way to "play him in"? and make use of his pace. I'm playing with crewe 4-1-2-1-2. Any ideas guys??
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    Jamil Adam not interested

    Adam will not come to crewe in L2.......I've tried a couple of things...bigged him and his manager up in the press, but he can't be he an unrealistic target for L2?..........Any ideas how i can get him interested?
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    Free Agents / League 2

    I seem to have spent hours trawling through player lists looking for a free agent with the stats i want and then it's the same old story.....they don't want to talk to me ! Are there any players out of contract with pace/strength (14/15 +) that would sign for a L2 club?
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    Manager of the month award

    No matter how well i think i have done, i never seem to win the manager of the month award (also, none of my players have ever won goal of the month- and some of them have scored some crackers) It's my 1st season with crewe and i'm exceeding expectations of a mid table finish and knocking on the...
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    Fitness coach (lower leagues)

    Can anyone recommend a decent fitness coach that would be willing to go to L2 for a reasonable salary. . . All approaches i've made so far have been knocked back with the coaches in question not wanting to talk to me... !
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    managing crewe alexandria

    Has anyone managed Crewe Alexandria and got any useful advice ?
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    familiar with formation

    Whats the best way to make my squad familiar with a formation? How long does it take?
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    Board cancel coach signing

    I don't have a GK coach and every time i try to sign one, the board knocks it back...saying we don't need another coach. Ive sacked a coach to make room but they still knock me back for the same reason....????