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    Beta is Jolty

    Anyone else finding the Beta quite Jolty when progressing? Just making sure its just me hopefully!!
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    West Ham United- The next big thing from England?

    West Ham United I am back with another Football manager story, with a club that is very close to my heart. West Ham, its quite late on to be throwing a story out there for you guys, but with West ham pulling off some impressive signings, European football and the Olympic stadium, I could not...
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    error 1007

    Every time I try to open up the FM15 Store I get that error message , It has been like this for a while
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    Crewe Alexandra The Rise to Fame 2

    Welcome to possibly my most successful save in the whole of my time of playing Football manager, Crewe Alexandra the rise to fame, I did a poll to choose who I would be and Crewe won by a mile. Anyway lets crack on The tactic I am playing a simple 4-2-3-1 playing a shadow striker straight...
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    Crewe Alexandra The Rise to Fame 2?

    Hello, some of you may know me from my pretty succsesful Crewe save on FM14, if you did not follow the story make sure to check it out here: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2014-manager-stories/147245-crewe-alexandra-rise-fame.html I did really enjoy that save as I came very...
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    I cant be the only one who has seen a ridiculous rise in the amount of rebound goals scored? I played against Sunderland as west ham and won 5-0, 4 of them were all rebounds. Hopefully this is fixed soon
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    Rely on youth team?

    Just got that message and I am completely lost anyone help?
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    Cannot add images

    Hi, I am doing a story and when I click the image icon- computer then select file nothing happens? Am I doing something wrong?Really need a reply ASAP!
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    Anyone good with Photoshop?

    Hello, I am doing a story currently and I would like if someone could help me make a temple of a sky sports 'breaking news image'. For example 'Breaking News Adryan signs for Crewe' Would really help me out!
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    how to increase image size?

    Hi, doing a story, and I want to increase how big an Image is? For instance really need help as it would improve my layout no doubt, thanks
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    Striker for a league 1 team

    Hey, doing a story (check here if you want http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2014-manager-stories/147245-crewe-alexandra-rise-fame.html ) and I need a striker, in august first season please help!
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    Crewe Alexandra, the rise to fame

    HEY, quick note, my layout does improve over the pages so if you could get through the first 2 pages it gets a lot better now please Enjoy! Reports coming in from Crewe that they have hired new and unknown manager. The new boss is...
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    The save game could not be loaded

    message just came up?
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    The crewe project

    Hello, thought I would start a story with Crewe. So, what made me pick them? There great youth academy, they produce such fine players for the future, and have a good young team to compete competitively, So I hope you enjoy the journey. I will do this in a summary form, But go into more detail...
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    West ham tactic

    Hey, need a bit of help, heres my tatic (sometimes play target man) My defense keep laving huge gaps and my striker is ineffective all game? I am not great with tactics on this game as im confsed by the instructions screen, please help