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    Making strikers score..

    I have two amazing strikers, but they just refuse to score, all my goals are coming from my midfielders! I play Muller as a complete forward, and Matheus as a poacher. This worked for my previous strikers, who scored nearly 20 goals each in my last season, but stats wise, they're nowhere near...
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    Lack of harmony

    Loads of my players are slt cause of lack of harmony in the club, and a few have given me their ultimatum if i don't sort it, but i have no clue what's causing it, any ideas?
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    Fighting Relegation

    Okay right, i've finished my second season with Derby County and came 15th, which isn't too bad considering the team i had haha. I've been quite active already this transfer window and my ins and outs are as follows: In Gary Oneil - Free Abou Diaby - £3.1mil Craig Gardner - £2.0mil Bosko...
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    Promotion troubles

    Hey guys, it's been a long time since i've come on here! Anyway, i've been playing a file with Derby and i'm just coming upto the end of my first season and i'm top of the Championship. My team currently looks like this, but no way will i survive in the premiership with this. Anyone got any...
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    Radio 1 Live Lounge

    Anyone gone out and bought the new one? If you have, is it any good? I've got the first one and thort it wall brilliant :P..
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    The Mighty Boosh Series 3

    Thursday 10:30 BBC 3 :) Whos gonna watch it..and whos seen all the other ones?
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    Internets been down, then when i got it back, fm-base was down :irked: Lol bt im back now :)
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    Sorry :)

    Lol sorry people :) i havnt posted for a while..tbh i havnt played fm for a while..but back into it now ;)
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    did not find font resource: fonts/humanist 521 bd bt

    I keep getting this error: did not find font resource: fonts/humanist 521 bd bt and i have to restart my FM every time. Anyone had this or know what it is?? This pops up on the screen aswell :| :|
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    Owned By Almighty-Akoskey

    On the homepage it says Owned By Almighty-Akoskey (Nigerian) anyone know what this is about??
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    Ever happened to you??

    I am leigh and looking for a feeder club to get some quick players from and this was the verdict:
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    Windows Vista

    Anyone have it already?? My mate does and has sent me some screenies of it:
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    Weird/rude/just plain funny names

    Well i didn't really know where to start this so i just chose here (as it is players or teams on FM 2007 with the thread name) My ones are: Toby Oshitola: Plays for Harlow. Tomoo Fukaya: Japanese regen (16 in 2010) Patrick D'Acunto:Regen -- French Your turn. Ohhhh And regens do count. Ohhhh...
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    Need advise ASAP

    Should i sell Cardenas in the third season for 17.75mil?? Hes on my subs bench and is now labeled 'the next Ronaldinho'??
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    Nintendo Wii

    Well...i got mine when it first came out and now have internet on it...infact im typing this message on it right now :D...anyway has anyone else got one?? What do you think of it. I bought a wi-fi thing the other day and now have internet on it for free. :D