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Recent content by TommyKae

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    Recovering physical attributes after long-term injury

    So Playing with Chelsea in 2012/13 when Torres gets injured and is sidelined for abut 6 months. Finally recovering and back in training, but his physical attributes - namely acceleration and pace - have dropped. Considering he's now 29, my question is - will he bounce back and regain pace and...
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    TommyKae's kit request thread

    Status: OPEN Rules: - First come, first serve - I won't start a new kit until I've finished one in line, no matter what. It keeps things simple and fair. - Make descriptions as detailed as possible. - If you can, supply me a picture of what you want, even if it's clumsily drawn in MSpaint...
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    KoTW Week 11 Voting

    KoTW Week 11 Voting. Vote for your favorite kits and do not vote for your own kits. Mike Conor95 Donnelly1 Ed Syers Calum Sam Kevnaylor pistolped7 Nicksears88 mvp93 userfrenzy jmoser sass101 TommyKae file1982 rossdallas98 Malarkey...
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    What does attendance depend on?

    I'm playing with Dinamo and am in my third season with them. In those three seasons, I've achieved huge things with the club - I've reached the Champions League group stages three seasons straight and the knockout round twice, signed players with massive rep and club favorites (Dzeko, Boruc...
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    Team gets overwhelmed when playing against higher reputation teams

    Playing with Dinamo, an upper-middle reputation side. We play well against small teams, and by that I mean that the squad doesn't get complacent. But when we go up against higher-reputation sides - most recently Man Utd - the players become "overwhelmed". So says my assistant manager. However...
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    Need RD5 skin

    I know the author removed it from here for his own reasons (which i won't get into - it's none of my business). Does anyone have the skin or know where to get it? PM me the link if you're not comfortable posting below. Thanks!