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  1. TopHill

    Implied Zero á la Hofland maar dan beter

    it's this with this tactic on OP you destroyed everything with Zlatan ?
  2. TopHill

    Implied Zero á la Hofland maar dan beter

    Hi ! Is it for ME 21.5 ?
  3. TopHill

    Let's talk about Tactic Testing for FM21

    Hi guys, how do we know in the test if the tactic is for ME 21.5 our ME 21.4 ?
  4. TopHill

    The Dynamic Duo

    Looks very interesting to hold a score isnt it ?
  5. TopHill


    hi Guys, how do we know in your testing section if a tactic is for ME 21.5 or ME 21.4 ?
  6. TopHill

    Where are Knap's Tactics™?

    Good decision guys. He creates 1000000 tactics a day anyway, it's quite impossible to follow, and honestly, on this opus, he didn't manage to create a game breaker one. No one is bigger than the game;-)
  7. TopHill

    The Professor Ralf Rangnick's Red Bulls 4-2-2-2

    First game plug and play with Milan : LOL
  8. TopHill

    FM21 (4-3-2-1)@[email protected] v-1 172-159

    Amazing tactic man. Not so good in test, but it's very very good for me with different saves
  9. TopHill

    FM 20.4(4-3-3)@[email protected]

    v3 working on fm 21 ?
  10. TopHill

    FM20.4.4 Tweak Cerber v-5

    @lisa- you satisfied with this tac ?
  11. TopHill

    Rinus Michels - Total Football - by kun

    Tactic has been very inconsistant for me. (the 4231). With Dortmund, win a game 5-0 and then losing 5-0.
  12. TopHill

    Goals Galore

    First game with it plug & play, playing as Dortmund season 1, mercato not open :
  13. TopHill

    fm 20.4.1 (4-3-2-1) @red [email protected]

    can't find it on fmscout. Someone can post this V2 here ?