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    Simple Facepack

    Is there a facepack out there that is just normal, simple face portrait pictures?
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    Network game now on

    name - joinandwin password - joinandwin
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    New Star Wars Fantasy Database

    I'm currently working on a new fantasy database around the world of Star Wars. Being a big fan I thought I'd make a league, a new nation and teams. The teams are based around the planets in the Star Wars World (and expanded universe) with the corresponding capital cities for said planet. Have...
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    Reserve League Structure

    I was thinking about creating a reserve league database with the same structure as the existing english league i.e Prem down to league 2 but was concerned with the reserve leagues already hard wired into the game data. Is there a way to remove this and just have my reserve league going or with...
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    My Stadium's Gone

    Has this ever happened to anyone? I had a new stadium built, then it disappeared. WTF!!!
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    Football Manager 2009 9.3.1

    Just came back to this game after a lengthy break and its just updated to 9.3.1 and now none of my kits or Logos work with my edited teams and the FMRTE wont work either. Please help
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    My New Stadium

    Guys, check this out. The board built me a new stadium to be completed in 2016 but look what happened when we moved in. NO NAME!!! Any ideas? Or any idea how I can give it a name or download an editor that will let me edit the name.
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    England 3D kits

    Is there a specific xml command to get these to work in game? I've made a home and away kit for England but I cant seem to get them to show up. I've searched the forums but couldn't find any solution. Any ideas?
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    Which League

    I've been playing FM for years now and I've never loaded any other leagues other than the UK ones. After reading some posts on here about players I really think I should try more leagues. Any suggestions on which leagues to load up. My PC is very fast so I should be able to run at least 6 full...
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    3D Default Kits

    Hi there, this is an odd request but does anyone have a file with the default 3D kits? I accidentally deleted the kits folder in the data editor file and now none of my 3D kits work :( Can anyone help Thanks