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Recent content by urprobablyright

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    The Ma' Citi Code (Man City - Cracking the code)

    Excuse the title - I was having a laugh about the Da Vinci Code (obviously) Every now and then, I try to manage Man City and make it work. Try to buy big players and win the league. I've done it before many times, but never quite managed to find the right mix between new, high quality players...
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    Wonder Signings

    I'm not looking at what the best young stars are, or what strikers are going to score the most goals - I'm looking at what the perfect signings could be for different reasons. High talent, High potential - relatively low price i.e. Great signing Target Man: Oscar Cardozo - Benfica. High...
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    Bayern Munich/German League

    I really hope I'm not breaking any forum rules making a request here (I had a quick glance at the forum and saw no other requests) as you can see this is my first post... Could someone tell me where to find a facepack for german leagues - or the champs league (has bayern in it~) - or at least...