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    Mr Langvatn's Tactic Thread (Updated for 13.3.3)

    occasionally visiting my old saves and 4141 rock classic is still my favourite, anyone manage to port it to FM20? or some guide to set the tactics as the rock classic?
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    top AI managers

    which AI manager in your game is the best amongst other AI managers (most wins, least to get fired, job longetivity) ?
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    Players movement question

    During comprehensive or extended views in a match, i noticed that my players dwell on the ball for a long time before passing, therefore loosing the ball to the opposing marker. What change should i make so they will pass faster to their teammates? faster tempo? or is it due to the overall...
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    rangers mid division 1

    i'm currently in january division 1 of scotland. I need a replacement for david templeton as he refused to extend his contract due to high salary demand. There are some clubs offering him contracts and most probably he'll be leaving on a free. so, any recommendations on an attacking midfielder...
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    coach to head of youth ?

    i'm currently playing in malaysian league. On the staff search menu, there isn't any head of youth development staff. So, is it possible to convert other staffs to this position? i tried it with a few coaches, they accepted the contract offer, only to reject it days later.
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    playing but not actually playing

    has anyone tried creating an AI manager with good stats and attributes using the editor, let the npc be the manager of your team and see how well that npc does? :) i thought of this because sometimes i just feel like watching my club managed by the created AI manager from a 3rd person view.
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    asian continental leagues editing advice.

    i'm currently creating an improved version asian continental rules that uses the original db competition of ACL, AFC cup and president's cup. i would like to ask is what i need to do, so that the AFC cup's winner will qualify for next season's ACL? i tried using the "last winner" but it is...
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    junior coaching upgrades.

    I had the board approving an increase in junior coaching budget in 2nd Dec 2013, how long will it take for the upgrade to be seen in the "facilities" section? Thanks. I'm currently in 5th Feb 2014, but it's still the same.
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    club reputation improvement ?

    I'm currently playing Legia in polish league. Been winning the league and the FA cup 4 times and qualifying for champions league for 3 times. But my club's reputation still the same (using FMRTE to check), so i wonder does consistent qualifying for UCL helps in increasing reputation? Thanks.