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    Liverpool 1st season.

    Arsenal just bid £53mil for Henderson so I need a replacement, the player in question will be playing DLP on support duty. I'd prefer the player to be younger with room to grow but he'll need to be starting. cheers.
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    Defensive Mid!

    I need 2 defensive midfielders. First season, 11.3 patch and like 12mil max each. anchor men preferably Cheers and thank you!
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    How do you add an analyser polygon into a skin

    I've got a skin I love, except the fact there's no analyser polygon. Any way to add it in? If so, how would I go about it.
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    Rb - psv

    Second season Willing to spend like 10mil Any suggestions? - top RBs wont prob come to PSV tho =[
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    Frédéric Bulot

    Name: Frédéric Bulot Club: AS Monaco FC D.O.B: 27/9/1990 Nationality: Gabon Position:Attacking Midfielder Agent: Gernot Rohr Strengths: Acceleration, Technique, Pace, Creativity. Weaknesses: Tackling, Marking, Long Throws, Positioning Description: Promising Midfielder Personality: Fairly...
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    Daniel Kofi Agyei

    Name: Daniel Kofi Agyei Club: Fiorentina D.O.B: 1/1/1992 Nationality: Ghana Position: Defensive midfielder Agent: David Asante Strengths: Determination, passing, anticipation, natural fitness. Weaknesses: Penalty taking, flair, free kick taking, jumping Description: Midfielder Personality...
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    Reina, Adler or Akinfeev

    I'm Liverpool after the first season and Adler and Akinfeev are both on the transfer list for a price of 10mil. Now I just wanted to get opinions on which one I should get, or stick with Reina?. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question.
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    Guido Davi

    Name: Guido Davi D.O.B: 16.9.1990 Nationality: Italian Position: Midfielder Strengths: Determination, Teamwork, Work Rate Weaknesses: Finishing, Heading, Jumping Description: Enthusiastic Midfielder Personality: Resolute p.s I couldn't find a thread on him, so if there already was, my bad!
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    Help - Retraining.

    I've got this player, and I want to retrain his position to a AMR, and I just wanted to get peoples opinions on whether I should or not. (btw, sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place, wasn't sure what to do.)