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    Where am i Going Wrong?

    Ive played Football Manager for years now and Ive just realized i have only probably completed about 7 of my 100's of saves and only got promotion with 3 and all through the playoffs, ive got a cousin who gets promotion for fun, he took Harrogate town to the prem and in the champions league...
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    A Good Tactic For League1/2 Teams ?

    I have not had success in a long while now and have decided to give one of these tactics a go, but i need a tactic for league 1/2 teams which is proven, is there any out there or not ? any advice would help.
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    Strikers Have Terrible Shooting ?

    Im currently with palace , my strikers are 1. Robert Earnshaw 2. Jermaine Easter 3. Joe Garner 4. Sean Scannell , their not bad strikers for league 1 and they have terrible attempts on goal , any tips or advice ?
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    Have You Ever Appealed For a Work Permit And Won ?

    As it says in the title , i have never appealed and won , have any of you ?
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    Portsmouth Promotion in One Season

    Just Got Promotion With Portsmouth , Took Me One Season ! , Playoff Final , Had To Win My Last 4 Games In a Row Aswell :D
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    Release On A Free ?

    When I Go To Terminate A Contract It Says Release On A Free , It Normally Would Say How Much Im Paying Off , Where Can i See That ?
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    Unregistered Player Help?

    I Recently Signed a Player But Forgot To Register Him , Im In The January Transfer Window, Is There a Quick Way To Register Him Or Have I Got To Wait?
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    Starting A New Career......

    Im Starting A New Career What Team Should i Go With And Why ..... Any Ideas ???