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23212 Asymetric - Lot of Goals 1


I suggest you test my tactics.
My team is made up of a lot of regen. So I don't know if it works with a team without regen.
Your turn to try...

- Be patient: the players take a long time to familiarize themselves with their position, tactics, passes, pressing, placement, ... At the beginning I took a lot of goals on my tests ... after that it stabilized.
- Turn over with the players: this tactic is very aggressive. Lots of recovered balls but also lots of boxes! ...
- I communicate with my players in matches every 15 '("go on the attack" or "ask for more") and I am aggressive at half time if I do not win by more than 2 goals. Never "congratulate" the players during the match, after they do nothing ...

Note that I use the final version of my tactics from the match against Osasuna (12/10/2022).

Maybe my tactic won't work with you or your players at all.
I think it only works with big teams. To confirm...
I'm just sharing something that works at home ... Tactics with which I score a lot of goals ...

Have fun ... or not ...;)
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