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4-1-5 crusher or suicid 1

Here it is finally! ...
Here is my 415 tactic (the last one I think).

I called it "the crusher or the suicid". You will understand why by trying it.
Tested with an elite team (lots of regen), so not sure if it works with normal or weak teams.
To note:
- I used the version with the 3 Advanced forwards for the 1st part of the season. 103 goals scored in 19 games!

Then after 6 months she started to score less!

So I tried the version with 3 poacher (to prevent AFs hitting instead of passing the ball to their partner). The goals are back (even if the end of the season is less prolific).

Hypothesis: AI adapts and makes it less efficient.

- The 2 right and left poacher must have the characteristics of an AF (fast, dribbling, finishing, and if possible good in the center)
- The poacher in the center must be good from the head

Hoping that I will make some happy ...
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