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3-4-1-2 Troublemaker

After being very quiet on this version of FM, I think it's time I share this with you.

How did that start?
I came across Rio Ferdinand's interview with the genius Pep Guardiola about Chelsea (before the CL final). Pep beautifully summarized why Tuchel's Chelsea was so hard to play against (
from 4:09 to 4:40)

The tactic
After watching the video I started with a 3-4-2-1 like Chelsea and subsequently switched to a 3-4-1-2.
- 3 defenders capable of playing from the back and playing wide to cover the full pitch
- 2 DM to ensure closeness between defence and midfield and also cover wide areas
-2 wingers to provide width and press high up the pitch
- 1 AMC to play in the pockets and feed strikers
- 2 forwards

I played 4 seasons with Inter Milan and won at least 4 trophies each season. I played 2/3 of the first season with the 3-4-2-1 shape before switching towards the end of the season
See the pics of the results

Other things to know about the tactics
I have 3 versions of the same tactic that I use depending on the opponent formation.
-against AML/AMR (against 4-2-3-1 wide/4-3-3 wide/4-2-4 wide) I use troublemaker vs AM
-against ML/MR (against flat 4-4-2/4-4-1-1/4-1-4-1) I use troublemaker vs ML
-against WB (any formations using wingbacks and no wingers) I use troublemaker against WB
This is to ensure that the wingers mark the wide men so we are not overly exposed at the back.
Also, the AMC is instructed to mark the deepest midfielder. By default, I have asked him to mark the DM but if you are playing against no DM ask him to mark the deepest midfielder. That could be the MCL or MCR.
If you get a red card, take out the AMC
I score a lot of from corners and if you also want to, make sure your right CD is very good in the air (heading, bravery, jumping reach), followed by your left forward and the middle CD.
I use a Target man but it's imperative you use a mobile TM like Lukaku, Abraham etc and not the Giroud type.

Set-piece takers
I mostly used my AMC but anyone with good abilities at corners and free kicks could be used

Recommended players
GK: Oblak/Donnarumma
CD: Bastoni/Mancini
left BPD: Gvardiol/Bastoni
right BPD: Skriniar/Mancini/
DLP: Ruben Neves/Koopmeiners
SV: Kessie/Barella/Sensi/Camavinga
RW: Hakimi/Manuel Lazarri/Dumfries/yunus musah
LW: Javi Galan/Nuno Mendes/Andrew Robertson
AP: Sensi/Dani Olmo/Fekir
TM: Lukaku/
AF: Haaland/Lautaro Martinez/Sebastiano Esposito/
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