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4-1-1-2-2 Total Football! Works with both top teams & LLM 1

I made this tactic for FM22 where it was incredible, continued to use on FM23, making South Shields FC the best team in the world & winning the UCL with the Turkish Bilbao, Altinordu FK in Turkey & the tactic is still incredible on FM24! Currently on my save with my hometown club, Scunthorpe Utd we have had back to back promotions back into the EFL, reached the FA Cup 5th Round while in the National League & currently sit 22 points clear at the top of League 2.

Also, my son has tested this tactic with 3 teams. Firstly with Brighton, he managed a 3rd place finish & won the Europa League in the first season, a 6th placed finish with Luton Town in the first season & winning the EPL & UCL with Man Utd in the first season!!

The tactic can be mirrored too and the left-sided version is included in the rar file.

Also, we did concede A LOT of goals in our first season with Scunny but it was on the Early Access version which did see a ton of goals in the match engine, post patch the tactic is much more solid defensively.


NLN 23-24 Final Table.jpg
VNL Final Table.jpg
FA Cup Run.jpg
L2 After 28 Games.jpg

Update 15/11/23

So won won our third consecutive league title with Scunthorpe Utd, walking League 2 & scoring 150 goals!! But more impressively, we made it to the FA Cup QFs while in League 2, beating Villa & 2 Championship teams in the process. Someone who has tested the tactic recommended changing the mentality to "Attacking" when playing a weaker opponent & this has actually helped reduce the number of goals conceded.

L2 Final Table.jpg

FA Cup Run.jpg

Scunthorpe Utd 3-1 Aston Villa FA Cup 4th Round.jpg

Portsmouth 1-4 Scunthorpe Utd.jpg

Scunthorpe Utd 4-2 Bournemouth Carabao Cup 2nd Round.jpg

FA Cup Review.png

UPDATE 26/11/23
The tactic continues to go from strength to strength with us managing to win League One quite comfortably, still conceding goals but I am putting this to FM24 loving goals in the ME!!! Also, I changed the DM to a SEGUNDO VOLANTE on support & he managed to chip in with 10 goals. Some of the football played in the ME with this tactic really is beautiful to watch!

If you look at the comments section you will also find some incredible results like someone winning the UCL with Galatasaray in the first season!

Final League Table.jpg

Tactic with Segundo Volante.png

Dani Avila.jpg

Scunthorpe Utd 6-1 Blackburn Rovers.jpg

Mansfield Town 0-6 Scunthorpe Utd.jpg

AFC Wimbeldon 0-6 Scunthorpe Utd.jpg

Scunthorpe Utd 7-2 Bolton Wanderers.jpg
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Testing on my OL League 1 save, rebuilding the team. I must say the tactic is really stable, great possession and play. Well done.
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Thanks for the positive feedback, much appreciated!