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Mike's Munster Magic! (Don't ask me as I didn't name it lol) 2

Hi fellow football managers! After posting tactics to other nameless FM resource websites with little to no feedback including my 'Diamond of DOOM' which has had over 1300 downloads I've decided to upload my latest creation to FM Base.

The tactic in question is named 'Mike's Munster Magic' & was named by one of my community on Twitch.tv. Its an asymmetrical formation with both a LW & RW version & has gotten the club I am currently managing, SC Preußen Münster from the German Regional North West (4th tier) to Europa Conference League qualification in 4 seasons! This included 2 league titles, a 2nd place Bundesliga.2 & 7th place Bundesliga finish respectively, all while on a shoe string budget. Anyways, here's the tactic


The season we finished 7th in the Bundesliga we were predicted to finish bottom at 1000/1 & was spending less than 200k per week on wages! If you don't want to take my word for it you can catch me streaming daily over at (1) ac3gaming85 - Twitch where I have been using the tactic since we started the save. Its is also being used by CoxieFM over at his blog channel where he is also managing SC Preußen Münster & he is having great success with the tactic. Don't believe me? Well then you can read for yourselves Current FM Saves – CoxieFM (wordpress.com) It is also very solid in PvP draft mode.

Anyways guys, try it out & let me know how you get on with it. Hopefully it will give you as much success as it has me & other FM content creators.


Hey guys, a quick update on how the tactic has fared since I uploaded it with a new tweaked version which is even better!

So, since I uploaded the tactic I have made some minor tweaks to player roles which has made the tactic even better!

Since our 7th place in our 1st Bundesliga season we have followed that up with runners up in 24/25 & UEFA Conference league winners & then a 3rd place finish along with winning the DFB-Pokal & amazingly getting to the UCL final which we did lose to PSG but remember, we started at tier 4 in 2020/21 season! Currently, in our 4th Bundesliga season we sit top at the winter break!


2425 season.jpg conf run.jpg


2526 season.jpg UCL RUN.jpg DFB run.png


2627 season.jpg

Now to the tweaks.... I found that in certain games were getting caught time & time again with quick counters due to all the midfield roles lacking defensive stability but the tweaks certainly seem to of rectified that. I changed the DM from a DLP on support to a DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER on SUPPORT. I changed the mezzala on support to a DLP on SUPPORT & I changed the AP on support to an ATTACKING MIDFIELDER on SUPPORT. We also moved the RWB back to RB on WING BACK ATTACK. Here is a screen of both the left & right sided tactics.

left side.jpg right side.jpg

Here is the updated tactic set to download from MedireFire or check updates section guys.

Any constructive feedback, good or bad is appreciated!

You can also see the tactic in action LIVE over at my twitch channel here ac3gaming85 - Twitch

& FINALLY, enjoy the tactic! It really is a thing of beauty to watch sometimes in the match engine.




Also, it has came to my attention that I forgot to include OPPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS so here they are

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