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This tactic provides a lot of shots on target,good possession(60-70%) and also good stats for all the players.My tactic works good with all types of teams.The team needs to get familiar with the tactic before it starts working at 100%.

-The fullbacks and wingers are the most important players to pick because they give a lot of assists and counter-attacks so make sure you have a good pairing on each side.
-Encourage your players to get creative with team talk.Team talk is very important so use it every time when you can.
-Use cautious mentality when you play with teams like you or even better.
-For a more deffensive formation move your attacking midfielder with a position down(midfielder) with ball winning midfielder role.Also you can change your fullbacks from complete wingbacks to fullbacks(defend).If your fullbacks are slow and you receive a lot of goals from there move your defensive line lower.
- When the team will be more familiar with the tactic you will be a beast.

* What this tactic provides you?
-Attacking football
-Entertaining football
-Good possession
-Fast passing
-A lot of shots
-A lot of assist from wingers and fullbacks.
-Flexibility to switch the tactic to a more deffensive one without complication. (read the tips)

* What players should i sign first? What attributes they need to have?
First of all the wingers are the most important players to pick. They get a lot of assist and goals during the season. Search for wingers with good pace and dribling(15+), also crossing and passing needs to be at least 12+. In this positions i can reccomend Ansu Fati and Victor Tsygankov. This is available to fullbacks too.
If you want to score a lot of goals with the striker search for a tall player 190cm+ with good pace, finishing and heading. I reccomend Erling Haland or Sebastiano Esposito if you don't have enough money.
Also search for tall players in defense with good pace, heading and passing to avoid goals from counter attack.
The midfielders needs to have good vision and passing.

* Individual training and player traits. If you want this tactic to work at 100% you should train your players with these traits:

Fullbacks :
1)Looks for Pass Rather than Attempting to Score:
2)Dives into tackles
2)Possesses Long Flat Throws

1)Attempts to Develop Weaker Foot:
2)Looks for Pass Rather than Attempting to Score:

1)Looks for Pass Rather than Attempting to Score:
2)Tries Killer Balls Often
3)Curls ball(if your midfielder is also good at set pieces)

1)Curls Ball
2)Uses Outside of Foot
3)Tries Tricks
4)Attempts to Develop Weaker Foot

Attacking midfielder:
1)Dictates tempo

1)Places Shots
2)Likes to Round Keeper or Likes to Lob Keeper
Train your players to play in the position used in the tactic.
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