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4-3-3 Fortress + Trebuchet 1

League won with 90pts. 3 away losses, 1 home loss (once league was won), 6 draws (5 away, 1 home), 28 wins. 107 goals (GD of 77).

I feel like I finally found a way to win in an exciting, attractive manner using this tactic. It's based on a Gegenpress 4-1-2-2-1 but the striker is dropped back to a shadow striker role. The goals and assists are spread between the front 3 (a lot from the SS) and there are A LOT of goals (mainly at home). A few times there's been a 4-3 or a high scoring away draw.. but as a rule, the home form is exceptional - I won 8-0 at home twice in a row!

I developed the tactic when I moved up to the Arsenal job (It's 2028, they had just finished 11th - predicted position was 7th) and their only striker was an agin Piatek BUT they had a world class, home grown AMC that had great movement and finishing.

One issue I had was that the tactic absolutely s**s the bed away from home to even mid table teams, hence the inclusion of the 'Trebuchet' tactic which seems to work slightly better away - There is the odd game where neither works and you lose 4/5-1/0.. But it feels like it has little to do with the tactic and everything to do with the ME..WHICH I guess this tactic is a response to!

Try it out and see if it works! As a rule, I've gone for Pace, creativity and Movement stats over everything else in pretty much every position!
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