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4-3-3 JustSolid n3

this is a tweak/adjustment of a tactic i made on the previous update of the game which made me win everything i could in Brazil with Santos (only 1 game lost all the season). The tweaked tactic is doing wonders in the new update as well, in my underdog run with Lecce (i took the team in Serie B and won it easily with 96 points, i'll post screenshots of the first half of the season in Serie A). Didn't test it going on holiday, i just played it on my current save. Attached opposition instructions are of primary importance as well as using a right footed left winger and a left footed right winger (both with decent finishing, >11 a must i would say). I didn't make the set pieces, i took them from a tactic posted by ZaZ on this forum (thanks mate).
Give it a shot, bye

the tactic: 4-3-3 JustSolid n3

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