4-3-3 Pressing Wingplay by AUTFabi

Steam Workshop 4-3-3 Pressing Wingplay by AUTFabi 2020-11-26

This is my trusted and proven go-to tactic for FM. I've used it since FM19 and it has worked for every save, team and league. You can expect lots of goals while also remaining solid in defence. But the most important thing is: this tactic wins you games and trophies!

Check my Steam Workshop page for screenshots of my test results.


GK: Almost any keeper can play Sweeper Keeper even if he doesn't have the perfect attributes. So SK(Su) is the standard but if you have somebody like Manuel Neuer you can go Attack.

Wingbacks: These are really important, so you need good players here. In attack they overlap the wingers and get crosses in, but they also have to be able to go back fast and help out defensively. A good player can easily get 15+ assists.

Centre Backs: I always use BPD, even if they don't have elite passing. I like how they act on the pitch and together with the DM they organize the build-up play. Obviously a good passer is preferred, but not necessary.

DM: I usually go for a DLP(D) here because he drops back into the defence and organizes your team. He should be solid in tackling/marking and very good in passing. In attack you have to rely on him and your CBs to cover because everybody else will be very attacking.

BBM: The Box2Box midfielder can be replaced by another Advanced Playmaker (Support) if you want to be focused more on possession. Otherwise the BBM can offer some physicality. Usually I use the BBM for smaller teams and AP for more dominating sides.

AP: He should be a very creative player with good passing, dribbling and vision. He will be the creative force behind your attacks and can be all over the pitch.

Wingers: I have used all different roles for them (wingers, inverted wingers, inside forwards) and they all work fine. All roles are on attack. If you have players who can play on both sides make sure to add the player instruction 'Swap with player...' and choose the other winger. By that the players constantly switch sides and can confuse the defence. Usually only works with very good players though.

Striker: Usually a Complete Forward, but if you don't have the right player you can use an Advanced Forward. If you have a very good player here he can get you 50+ goals and 20+ assists. It happened multiple times that my striker is the vocal point in attack.

If you need to get a goal you can simply go Attacking and optionally go more direct passing with higher tempo. If you lead comfortably you can consider going Positive.

Thank you for looking at my tactic! Please consider leaving a good rating, I would highly appreciate it. If you have any questions just ask!
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