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4213 Attacking 21.3.0

My 4-2-1-3 formation is one i always try to create in FM. This FM I found it hard to really make one work. After the Jan update, it finally came together. My findings are below.

I’m Dutch, which means i grew up with the idea, that football is entertainment. Defending is OK, as long as it supports the attacking side. As a Vitesse fan, we had Peter Bosz as head coach. It was the best football i ever saw in our GelreDome. Attacking, attacking and attacking. Creating a ton of chances and entertaining the crowd.

In FM i want my teams to play offensive as well. Keep closing down the opponent and get that ball back as soon as we can. Like Peter Bosz’ philosophy: When losing the ball, I demand it back from my playing within the first 5 seconds.
I’m still trying out different roles on the pitch, but had the best results with the ones you are seeing now.
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