424 Master Mega Don

424 Master Mega Don New name befitting tactic 4-2-4 Mayhem Malker

I have been playing fm21 for quite a lot of time now and noticed it was very difficult to get a solid 424 tactic that actually works with the new match engine. my tactic was very pains taking and took a lot of hours graft. i have made two different versions one has the inverted winger and mezzala on the right side and one on the left. my reasoning behind this is so that the tactic fits any team.

it is officially done!! (YOU HAVE TO TRY)

a tactic in a shape everyone loves that works with any team of any ability.

no OI's
set pieces are left alone. i have used Knaps Set pieces. credit to him for those.
fast players upfront as always!

i will post screenshots of results below.

tested with West brom and liverpool. (both teams full simulation left to assistant manager)

west brom 3.pngwest brom 4.pngwest brom 5.pngwest brom 2.pngwest brom.pngliverpool.pngliverpool2.pngliverpool3.pngliverpool4.pngliverpool5.pngIW left.pngIW right.png
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