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Spent 1 season trialing out formations/instructions, seasons 2 & 3 brought great success in bringing home every trophy available with what i think is an unbelievable set up(although ive only trialed it with Man Utd so far) i dont think ive ever dominated Liverpool or Man City in recent years as easy as i have with this set up. ignore the fact you might not dominate possession or even the opponent having more because possession doesnt win you games. I leave training & OI to AM. only holiday i took was during international breaks to speed up the process to next game day.

This isnt a big description on how great it has been for me ill let the SS tell that part

hope it works for you guys and would be good to see how it works with other teams

more SS in the comments section on my 2 seasons so far.....
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Brought my Barcelona save back to life. This tactic didn't really work well with underdogs like Norwich. Now this tactic is killing it in La Liga with the kids.
nice, i haven't tried it with any other club yet so i wasn't sure how it was going to be