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1st of all if this tactic is already on here i do apologize. I found it on FM Scout and have had a very successful 2 years with it in my travelling save i felt on behalf of Boroboy116 i had to share it on here. (I've not tried this on a new save i started using it in 2029-30)

I'd been using the fearless & strikerless tactic for a while and as much as it is great and entertaining i found i was conceding too many goals and sometimes going so attacking it left me exposed and dropped silly points throughout seasons.

When i started using this tactic i was manager of PSV. I 'd just won the league but wanted a tighter defence. This certainly exceeded my expectations and found myself very difficult to beat and had gone from my GK only keeping 8 CS in 22 games to keeping 28 CS in 48 games including 23 CS in 34 league games which combined with my solid defense helped me retain the league AND go the whole league campaign unbeaten and only losing 2 games overall(a 4-1 @ Bayern & 2-1 in the Dutch Cup Final - very disappointing).

In my short managerial career and been at Rangers x2, PSV x2, Lyon & Leicester(also England but didnt use this tac with them).I was actually Manager of England at the time i went unbeaten with PSV and was on the verge of winning the 2030 WC when the Liverpool job came up and i gambled and resigned from PSV, got offered an interview for the Liverpool job and in the clause they wanted me to take the job straight away and resign from England(i reluctantly said yes because in all honesty i didn't think id get the job). Anyways i did get the job!!! and England went on to win the WC which i am disappointed i don't have that on my CV but i knew this was my biggest job opportunity yet and was buzzing for my big breakthrough!!!!

I straight away made sure i had my assistant take over training with this tactic, i also signed my GK i had with PSV. skip to the end of the season and id exceeded the targets id been set by the board!!! Won the league even though they wanted me to challenge for CL places, Won Europa league(finished 6th the season before i took over) and only lost out on Carabao & FA cup because of losses in penalty shootouts to very strong Leeds & Arsenal sides. Only conceding 16 in the league my GK keeping 30 clean sheets in 38 games(36 in 50 overall, conceding 24), Henderson also kept 9 clean sheets in 10 games in other comps i used him in only conceding 1.

Overall i found this tactic to be fantastic, my only negative about it is i dont seem to score bundles of goals, i can comfortably win 2-0 in the end but thats usually down to a late goal to make it a secure win( i have tweaked slightly in terms of F9-AF and the IF changed from support to attack to see if it improves GS). Now im in 2031 so i dont know how this would be in a new save in the current year - Boroboy post on FM scout looked pretty successful though. I do find though i feel so confident in not conceding in most games but i reckon it could do with some tweaking in big away games. Anyways i cant claim any credit for this but its 1 of the best IMO ive used on FM21 - Below are screenshots from the 2 years ive used it
  • English Premier Division_ Stages.png
    English Premier Division_ Stages.png
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  • Eredivisie_ Stages.png
    Eredivisie_ Stages.png
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  • EURO Cup_ Stages.png
    EURO Cup_ Stages.png
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  • EURO Cup_ Team Overview.png
    EURO Cup_ Team Overview.png
    497.4 KB · Views: 293
  • Liverpool_ Analyst Report.png
    Liverpool_ Analyst Report.png
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  • Liverpool_ Competitions.png
    Liverpool_ Competitions.png
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  • Liverpool_ Fixtures.png
    Liverpool_ Fixtures.png
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  • Liverpool_ Fixtures-2.png
    Liverpool_ Fixtures-2.png
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  • Liverpool_ Fixtures-3.png
    Liverpool_ Fixtures-3.png
    689.5 KB · Views: 216
  • Liverpool_ Fixtures-4.png
    Liverpool_ Fixtures-4.png
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  • Liverpool_ Overview.png
    Liverpool_ Overview.png
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  • Liverpool_ Stats.png
    Liverpool_ Stats.png
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  • PSV Eindhoven_ Senior Squad.png
    PSV Eindhoven_ Senior Squad.png
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  • PSV Eindhoven_ Senior Squad-2.png
    PSV Eindhoven_ Senior Squad-2.png
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  • PSV Eindhoven_ Senior Squad-3.png
    PSV Eindhoven_ Senior Squad-3.png
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  • EURO Cup_ Stages-2.png
    EURO Cup_ Stages-2.png
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