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433Tikitaka v1 Bortmounth 100P 131-45 v1 - Tweak v2

Third season using the the first version of the tactic was a bit strange. All the teams were playing really tight/defensive against my team. It was really hard to score the first goal but still I managed to win the games by switching from Positive to Attacking although I started to this almost every game which didn't happen the previous 2 seasons. Everything went smoothly until February when I had the first game in CL (1/8 stage and the first game was away). Lost 6-2 away and that really ****** me off. After that a draw in Serie A against a low rep team (Frosinone 0-0), a match which was dominated but didn't manage to score.

Had a look over the Serie A and I noticed that all the teams were playing super tight even top ones (Juve, Napoli, Milan, Atalanta, Roma, Lazio). For example Juve was something like 40 Scored 20 Received and it was about the 20th stage. Also the other teams were at about a ratio of 1,1 - 1,3 Scored and about 1 goal received which means that they were winning 1-0 or drawing 1-1 most of the matches. My first thought was that my team was now super favourite and all the teams were playing super defensive against me. But after seeing the other teams and their results maybe the ME is acting strange for all teams.

I decided to change a bit the formation to make it a bit more offensive while still maintaining the Positive mentality. I changed the BBM to Mezzala - Attacking and the AFs to one CF - ATT and one Poacher. The possesion increased dramatically and also the results were a little bit better.

Even though I missed the CL i won the Serie A, Italian Cup and Supercup the third season.

TIP: Kept the same approach with playing on Positive and only if required to switch to Attacking.

With this second version seems that I returned to the initial status (winning most matches on Positive).

My conclusion:
1) if your team is an underdog team - first version of the tactic
2) if your team is top team - use second version of the tactic

There is a screenshot with all I've won in 3 seasons using mostly first version of the tactic and also the second version of the tactic in the final part of the 3rd season.