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|| ApePyss Version 2 By Magicnut || *Tested with Atalanta seria A first season 92pts* 2

apepyss 4-3-3.jpg

APEPYSS Version 1 By Magicnut

Hi there lads I have been testing out my new System which looks like a pretty orthodox 4-1-2-2-1 V system .
Originally I have tried inside forwards but they were pretty useless imo.
After a few experiments I have came up with this incredibly working (seemingly) formation.
Only tested with Atalanta so far but the results as of late has been very smooth and the gameplay also was great as far as build up play , chances created etc.

Here are the results , formation and description:

version 2.jpg


apepyss result juve.jpg


General training to Assistant Manager.
No OI. Left Central Midfield (in my case malinovsky) takes corners.
Wingbacks take throws. Individual Training By roles.
Enjoy and let me know your results with this masterpiece of mine :) .
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