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Asymmetrical overachiever 41212 21.4.0

Hello guys, over the last few days I've been putting together this asymmetrical formation. It has gone through many changes and tests , because i wanted this to work atleast decently even with the worst teams. This was a bit challenging because i prefer tactics with a positive mentality, which largely benefits better teams who are able to control the game more. Your main plan is to outscore your opponent, as you can see in the results. If you are gonna use this tactic i do simply recommend to sign players who has good attributes in the different roles which are highlighted by the game. I will say, it's extremely demanding on your segundo volante , so for example work rate is extra important on this role. The 2 key players in this tactic are the 2 centre backs. Not only are we playing very aggressive, which means that they need to have good tackling, acceleration and decision making, but they are also expected to start attacks. Both of them also have 'dribble more' in their instructions to further cement this. So decent technique, passing and vision will enhance this tactic further. I will once again say though that even without these quality players , you can still perform at a very high level.

All the results you see are done through HOLIDAY to the end of the season, no transfers , no training and no OI's. Your 2 strikes will score the majority of the goals, but your AM is also a huge threat who can easily score 20+ goals in a season if everything goes perfectly.
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