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Broken strikerless 4132 ; Fulham PL winners first season 21.4.0

Been working on a strikerless tactic for a while, and wanted to make it defensively strong. Conceded only 8 goals in the league with Bayern. Strikerless tactics are unique in that they tend to bring more players into the game, you are able to control the game better, and it also gives you defensive solidity. Sign players with good highlighted attributes for the role they are playing in the tactic. As always, 2 good centre backs are going to make a big impact on the effectiveness of the tactic. We play compact when we defend which means we allow crosses from wide areas. This is where you need 2 defenders who can consistently win it in the air. They also have to make very important tackles whenever we lose possession high on their pitch, to prevent counter attacks. This is another reason why we put 'tackle harder' on all of our players, to make the 'professional' fouls.

All tests were done with regular holiday, no transfers, no OI's and training left to assistant manager.
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