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Attacking 3-4-2-1 doublewing-taka 100 points Dutch league 158 league goals

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Long I dreamt of a formation with 3 at the back that could cause ripples through the footballing world. I may just have found it.

The 3-4-2-1 doublewing-taka is all about scoring. Concede 3 if you like... you'll probably score 6!

All this formation is looking to do is to overload the attacking phase as fast as possible by creating an overlap on either wing as defenders will end up having to cover two men out wide. If however the more central defenders move over to cover then there is the opportunity to look for a through ball to the striker or the opposite wingers. To add to this the mezzella will be looking to add a late run from deep to create a potential overlap in the middle of the pitch. As you will see in the screenshots, you create an alarmingly large number of clear cut chances.

Set piece takers - Corners have been set up to have your three centre backs attacking the posts and you striker marking their keeper. The ball will be crossed to the back post so it is advised to be an in-swinger if possible. It is also advised that the corner takers be one of your wingers preferably either your AMR or AML.

Opposition Instructions (OIs) - Pretty much let you assistant handle this one, they have it down.

Player Instructions (PIs) - Player instructions are pretty generic. Basically you want you wingers looking to get round the back or to drive into the box then look to square the ball for a tap in.

Recommended players - Wingers galore! Ive had lots of success with athletic wingers. Players like Saint-Maximin are very good for this formation. The LM and RM wingers are advised to be wing backs that have been trained to be more attacking or wingers that have been taught to be more defensive. That way they should be more happy to defend when needed. Luca Netz is a good example of this kind of player.

Recommended attributes per position - Pace, Dribbling, Passing, Crossing, Vision, Off the ball. With an abundance of this you should be fine!

Any specific training - I have let my assistant us generic team training, but it is advised to manually trained players to be able to cover as many positions as possible, especially the wingers. That way you are very flexible as this is a very demanding tactic. Its also advised to make sure that you wingers can defend and cross as well as dribble.

Footedness of player per position - Generally left footed players on the left and right on the right, but this isnt a big problem as your players will need to be able to go inside and outside to cause the most damage to the opposition as they can.

Top scoring position - The striker will most likely come out on top as he will have the benefit of both through balls and crosses, as well as being up for the corners. With any luck however the goals should be spread nicely around between all of your attacking players.
  • 3-4-2-1 doublewing 11-3 win.png
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