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VERYATT 4-3-3 Wide Custom Gegenpress RDM AttIWB DLP 21.3.0 - 1518378

My second version of the counter-pressing attacking style of Jurgen Klopp football.

This formation should help your side overwhelm your opponent and create more chances than they do. This does not always happen but what is for certain it is unlikely that you will not score in a match unless all your forward players are having bad games. The idea is simply to get the ball back and get forward to score. Once you get the ball back you wingers and full backs will flood forward overloading the wider areas of the pitch, this should hopefully allow your striker to get a position in the middle to score.

For set pieces I would heavily invest in a set piece specialist if possible. Inserted into the tactic is a full set piece package. It is not my own. I do not know who it is that made it but all credit on that must go to them as they have done a wonderful job there.

Manager instructions, pretty much it is a case of stay on Very Attacking. Obviously there will be times where it might need to be tweaked but in general you should do well unless you can see you are getting cut apart too often. Later stages of competitions can also cause your team to be vulnerable when staying solely on Very Attacking so be careful but only change when you need to.

Player instructions, I would not change them from what they are. The jist of them is that you striker looks to link with wingers either by getting the all nearer the middle of the pitch and playing them into space or by getting into the box for them to utilise. The wingers will look to drive at the goal or to the byline and then close in on goal. The centre most midfield is your main play dictator, he will be looking for killer passes to any of the front three in hop of getting them into a scoring position. The outer most midfielders are BWM instead of the box to box as they are looking to get that ball pack quickly to help protect the side as the full backs are going to be very high up the pitch regularly.

Opposition instructions, it is advised to close down wingers and strikers as playing a higher defensive line can leave you vulnerable. Naturally show everyone onto the weaker foot.

Recommended players, Salah. Again! Mbappe has been on fire for me. Firmino has come alive as you will in the pictures provided. Anyone who has good attacking attributes will be able to play in any of the front three positions and cause problems for your opponents.

High vision, passing, pace, acceleration, dribbling and finishing after a must for the front three.
Pace, tackling, passing and determination for your BWM.
Pace and crossing for the full backs.
VVD and anything similar for your centre backs.
Now the keeper is player as a sweeper so good passing, first touch and anticipation are needed.
Obviously with the match intensity being very high players will need high levels of natural fitness and stamina. If you can couple this with work rate and determination then you have a great player for this formation.

With this being said player rotation is going to be a must. Therefore it is important to build a squad that can cover multiple positions very well. Players like James Milner who player pretty much everywhere are the lynch pins of this formation. Yes get your 4+ star players to be your first teamers but you will need plenty of 3 star players who can a variety of positions if you are to stave off fatigue and a potential injury crises. Joshua Kimmich has proven useful also.

It also helps to invest in fitness coaches, physios and sports scientists that that top of their field to help manage and maintain your players.

The top scoring position will most likely be a your striker but if your wingers will be right up there. I have noticed that one of your centre backs will bag some goals from corners also.
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