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Bandit - 1 Striker Tactic 1.1

This is Bandit, a 1 striker, high scoring tactic. It is a 4-1-3-1-1. I made this tactic to try and move away from the strikerless tactics that have been the best tactics this year, and trying not to use inverted wing-backs (IWB), a central midfielder (CM) and 2 Shadow Strikers (SS)

Here is a picture of the tactic below:


For player instructions, all of them have the dribble more, tackle harder, and mark tighter (except on Wingbacks, Goalkeeper, and Center-backs)

For a full season with Manchester City, they went invincible finishing with 108 Points with 108 GD, scoring 119 Goals and only 11 conceded, which would be a Premier League record! Only dropping points to Liverpool twice and Arsenal




Majority of goals will come from the striker, as long as he is fast and has a decent shooting and decent dribbling stats he will do well, as you can see here Aguero scored 48 Goals.

Assists will be shared across the wingers, midfielders and shadow strikers

If you want this tactic to be successful with your team, you will need fast players all around the field.

Have a 15 Pace, Agility, Balance and Acceleration requirements. For technical and Mental attributes, you're requirements should either be 13 or 14 for Dribbling, finishing, passing and vision.

If you're in the lower league decrease all of the attribute requirements by 1 or 2.

Hope you enjoy!
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