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Beautiful Bruno F9 4-2-3-1

I think i've tweaked the tactic enough now, i will test with other teams, but this is the finished product
After a dissapointing season overall after being 1st at january and finishing 5th after trying to experiment with the tactic I decided to change back to a similar, but not the same as what i was 1st with. After i changed back i had a good run in.

I did sign bellingham, caleb okoli and fresneda to replace maguire and dalot.

I am happy with how the tactic is developing, i have met some speed bumps where we are playing amazing and were unbeaten, but then it just completely drops in form. I've made big changes and i think it's already a good tactic that i know works with the manchester united team, idk about other teams and will have to do some more testing before i can say i'm finished. This may include making a different, but similar version of the tactic for worse sides or in hard games against elite.
I updated the tactic to the current version that has been working well