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Beautiful Bruno F9 4-2-3-1

Please be patient as i still want to tweak this tactic as much as i can to make it better
Testing is going well so far, will post results latest by 6pm est tomorrow
Results going into world cup break. FYI not created to be OP, I just wanted to have some fun creating a tactic that i finally made myself instead of always finding some tactic to download from the internet.


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Bruno Magnifico updated Beautiful Bruno F9 4-2-3-1 with a new update entry:

Coming towards the finished product.

After a dissapointing season overall after being 1st at january and finishing 5th after trying to experiment with the tactic I decided to change back to a similar, but not the same as what i was 1st with. After i changed back i had a good run in.

I did sign bellingham, caleb okoli and fresneda to replace maguire and dalot.

I am happy with how the tactic is developing, i have met some speed bumps where we are playing amazing and were unbeaten, but then it just completely drops in form. I've...

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