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This is a tactic I've been using since many years in FM and I decided to share it now.

A thing that I like is that unlike many other tactics this doesn't have the highest Intensity level. It's still intense, but not very much.

Tactic goal is about exploiting opponents, so looking for mistakes and quickly trying to score to have easier chance instead of having just one game plan to score.

We start putting pressure on opponent from the goalkick with a line of 4 (strikers+AM) men to prevent short passing. This can force:
- a long ball that can be opposed by 4 men (midfielders+centre-backs due to very high defensive line) giving us a good chance to get immediately the ball, but also allowing our pressing line to get back in case of failure.

- a pass on the flanks that can be opposed by 3 men (side striker, midfielder/am, full-back) depending on the location where the ball is sent

In case the opponent is good enough to overcome our first strategy we still have our side strikers to come back helping on the flanks and midfielders/am helping by doubling the opponent.

Opposed to what it may look when our opponent is close to our goal we have 9(8+1) players defending with 2 poaching around in case of counter.

Attacking phase is about spacing.

If we are able to recover ball with pressing we are already in good place with a lot of players near to the goal so we just quickly send the ball where the opponent is uncovered and see what happens...

Otherwise we force our opponent to stay deep back thanks to our 3 strikers then we build the play quickly from the defense with the help of our fullbacks and midfielders that are placed in an uncommon manner to be able to create space regardless of our opponent formation.

Here is tactic with players stats:

Here are fixtures results (I'm Watford):



First year with a very weak team was good too:


That's EPL performance polygon (sorry for italian language):

3.50 goals per game
2.80 xG per game
0.74 goals conceded per game
0.78 xG conceded per game
77.61% winning tackles
89.12% passing success
47.92% shoots on goal
24 shoots per game

Here's screenshot of one of my proudest game in the year (second leg of UCL quarter finals):
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