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Chess not Checkers 2020-11-11

Developed with Spurs and went unbeaten for 20 games (sorry no screenshots) i then decided i wanted to bring my beloved Bolton back up the leagues so started a new save and it''s going just as strong with them i have not lost a game as of yet {23 Games played i did lose on penalty's away to league one crewe in carabao cup)

All Bolton stats can be seen in the screenshots

Dominating possession both home and away and producing some beautiful pass and move goals i have kept a number of clean sheets and we are scoring goals to. i leave team talks and shouts to my assistant manager and i do not use opposition instructions

no Holiday mode used so it needs to be tested more and i will update as i go on as i am not a fan of holiday testing.

Always train players in the roles and as always try to buy players best suited to the roles, and as always try to let the tactic get familiar before Judging it

if anyone has a good set piece routines that will only add to your goals as i am not getting many goals via set pieces

Any questions please ask and give it a go and let me know how you go on
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